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Relation of the Samurai themed Kengo, the much feared Zan Kabuki brings the inspiration of the most Japanese of theatre to the XBox as a well needed Nihon themed release. In true Kabuki style hamming it up to the audience or pulling off slick techinique brings rewards: be it money or extra charge to the super move metre. These super moves include turning invisible, breathing fire or throwing smoke bombs in the case of gender bending Kikunosuke - another Kabuki trait from when women actors were banned. Money is used to tour further a field to different threatres and defeated opponents can be invited to join your fighting troop. Known as Kabuki Warriors in its English language release.

Publisher: Genki
Game Type: One on One Beat Em Up
Console: Xbox

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Further information regarding Zan Kabuki (New) is as follows:-

Brand new. Tiny tear on base of seal.

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