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Hardcore Gaming 101
More underground than the FM Towns Marty: detailed and well researched articles on The Legend of Valkyrie, Kunio kun and Ganbare Goemon amongst other mystical characters of import gaming.

The Organisation for the Preservation of Classic Forms of Gaming does a sterling job reviewing and exploring import only classics. No longer active, but enshrined forever within Hardcore Gaming's website.

Randomised Gaming
Artwork to bring a tear to the eye and plenty of looks into import exclusives that have hidden in the nooks and crannies of gaming annuals exposed in their full glory with heaps of footage. 

Infinity Retro
Covering fine import gourmet and domestic retro games with passion and panache across multi-formats.


The Dreamcast Junkyard
A superb tribute to Sega's machine with plenty of reviews embellished by trivia the sort of which DC fans love such as unknown Gundam demo disk and DC disks produced by Toyota showrooms. The site has also produced a superb looking fan book. 

Shin Force
Shin Force is an all Sega site covering everything from the Master System to the Dreamcast and beyond.

Sega 16
Over 200 well written Mega Drive and Mega CD reviews complete with screen shots.

Dreamcast Talk
Cosy community site dedicated to Sega's Dreamcast.

Sega Network
German language site covering all Sega's major Western released machines.

Colourful guide to the delights of Sega related in game music with a samba feel and a friendly forum. You can also request a track to bring the nostalgia flooding back.

PC Engine

Well written, definitive titles with smart screenshots for which we are eternally grateful.

Video Game Den
Highly informative PC Engine reviews with some rare titles covered and an ever increasing Super Famicom section. Thank you for the screen shots.


Anime Super Famicom
Reviews of some very prime cuts of import only SFC gaming with coverage of underground, anime themed games and colourful screen shots.

Multi Format

Silicon Era
Review coverage of all contemporary systems and some retro info.

Video Game Critic
Covers a massive range of formats with concise, cutting reviews.

Whip Ass Gaming
Covers Sega, Playstation, Neo Geo & XBox in true Rock n Roll style.

Current & past generation reviews with some interesting top eleven lists & articles. Not updated recently however.

Covers a wide plethora of systems: well rounded compendium of gaming knowledge.

Anime Related

Anime On-Line
Totally dedicated to fan service for even the most demanding anime aficionado. Being the retail wing of MVM means the discerning otaku can enjoy amazing anime releases as well as magnificent manga, mouth watering figures and some marvelous merchandising. But being for the fans also means they have links to clubs, expo's even running trips to Japan. Look out for Genki next time you're rummaging through the Clearance Centre...

Anime Video Resource Center
Featuring hundreds of little known anime based titles mainly on the Super Famicom, but also on the Game Boy, Famicom, PC Engine etc. Each concise lowdown features a screen shot and brief description of the game along with a very useful control guide. A real wealth of information for the anime loving gaming otaku. Sadly not updated for a while.


Destroy All Monsters
All things good in the thumb blistering world of shoot 'em ups. Full of passion for the topic in hand with plenty of screen shots and well written reviews across a multitude of platforms.

Dedicated to the preservation of classic videogames through capturing screen shots and release information. Staggering number of formats covered.

Expansive coverage of the RPG world including a plethora of import reviews mentioning the games accessibility to Western gamers.

RPG Classics
Covers a wide spectrum of formats and all the heart-warming RPG's to have appeared on them. May your HP total always be more than your adversary's.

Anime and an array of cracking reviews of mainly Japanese shooters.
Fine French language site detailing just about every conceivable console with master lists of releases. Also has a friendly forum to practice your Francais.

Final Fight Online
Classy site dedicated to Capcom's seminal street brawling series with info on other Capcom developed fighting fests along with reviews of alternative side scrolling beat 'em ups too.

At a loose end in the Dutch Capital? Check out this fine emporium of gaming wares....

Top 50 Best Selling Video Games
Have to confess, we got a little help finding this one. Gaming evokes many opinions, but ever wondered which game has outsold all others?


Always independent, always cutting Edge and never believes the hype.


Far Side Music
Vast number of album releases imported direct from East Asia, mainly Japan; but it is the sunshine sounds eminating from the isles of the Okinawan section frequently found brightening up the Genki offices. (As can be found in Animal Crossing...).

Some Other New Arrivals See All

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