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Below are some comments we have had from our customers.

"Hi Peter,
Games arrived Saturday morning - excellent service as before & thank you for the extra cd !
You may have guessed from the order that I recently took delivery of a SuperGrafx from Japan, which, having got a bit distracted by Physic Storm at the weekend, I’m just plugging back in now ready for a bit of a challenge with Daimakaimura.
Thanks again & I expect I’ll be back soon.

Excellent service & very fast delivery - ten games ordered with everything exactly as described ! Should keep my assorted PC Engines & NGCD busy for a while...
I'll certainly be ordering again soon ( hopefully before F1 Circus Special causes me to throw stuff at the TV & break it.....) . Great choice of titles , all of which are very well priced - so much better than waiting for auctions to finish !!
Thanks again,

"hey guys your site rocks! unbelievably great selection of games and accessories for the systems i own,(n64,saturn,sfc) always a super quick delivery and very courteous service! Genki rules!" 
Alex N.

"To Peter and all at Genki!
I would just thank you all for the top notch service with regards to my past order (6 SFC games).
The condition of the games were excellent, the delivery was crazy fast (next day) and extremely well packaged and I am still surprised to be able to track down the games at the price you were selling them at!
In the past I have had to resort to importing a lot of my NTSC-J games from Japan which is always super expensive - even for postage alone, and can be risky with regards to lost packages. I admit that I was surprised to see such a service available in the UK but I will definitely be bringing my custom to your site in the future!
Cheers, and looking forward to purchasing from you in the future!
P.S. Thanks for the stickers :)"

I ordered Game & Watch Ball from you yesterday morning and it came this afternoon. The package was crumpled slightly but everything inside was well protected. Love the free gift too.
I've ordered three things from you now and I've had no problems with them and they came as described. Your customer service is friendly and delivery is quick. I won't hesitate to use you again and would recommend the site to anyone.
Thanks Again to all of you at, and you can show my feedback on the site."
From Lisa

I just want to say thanks to all of you at You offer great service as I ordered 2 games from you and both were delivered quickly and were well packaged. I couldn't believe they were both second hand, they were in excellent condition and worked with no problems.
I ordered Game & Watch Collection 2 on Sunday night and received it on Tuesday afternoon. After getting that I ordered Dotstream on Tuesday night and received it this afternoon and Thank You for the free gift that came with it, it was a pleasant surprise.
I wish I came across your site sooner, and won't hesitate in ordering from you again.
Thank You everyone at"
From Lisa (a very grateful customer)

My package arrived today. Everything looks great, thank you! I am very satisfied with the website's customer service(friendly and efficient), shipping(fast, safe), and packaging(well-protected, and the Genki stickers were a nice touch). The condition of the games is excellent and the price was reasonable as well. I will definetly consider ordering from Genki in the future and will be recommending the site to my friends. Thanks!
Take care,"

"Hi, it's me again. I just wanted to say that I just got the game and I want to thank you for the excellent service and fast shipping. You are definitely the best online game store I've shopped at. Feel free to quote me on this in the customer feedback.
With friendly regards,

"Hi again,
As usual everything went perfectly, fast shipping and first grade items.
I think my next order will consist of only one game "Ginga fukei densetsu sapphire" for the pc engine arcade CD. Well i was thinking of buying it along with an arcade card duo but it seems the one you had was sold, unlucky me.
Till next time !"

"Amazing service !! got my wonderswan game (rhyme rider) and it was way beyond what I expected from a second hand game it looked brand new and had no marks or faults on the cover at all. Thanks Genki."

Im not usually one for @$$ kissing, but I just want to say what an amazing service I've had from you, especially the ordering in, then fast shipment of the Nodame Cantabile DS game.
I look forward to shopping with you more in the future. Keep up the great work!"

"I received the PSP Crisis Core pack today (Saturday, only ordered Thursday evening!). Great, courteous service from Genki as always. If there's a better games importer in Britain, I haven't found it. These guys love their games!"
Howard, U.K.

"Hello Peter and all at Genki,
I just got to say thanks, my Umihara Kawase arrived safe and sound and is PERFECT.
The service from you guys is exemplary.
This is not the first time I have ordered from you, but it is the first time I have backordered from you and I have to say that it was a pleasure.
Thank you for hunting down this gem for a decent price.
Now let’s see if I can convince the wife that we have room in the house for Rendering Ranger"

" Just a quick e-mail to say thanks to all @ Genki for a stellar service. THE best company I have used for my ever expanding PC Engine collection. Would recommend to everyone without hesitation. Long live Genki – Viva la PC Engine "
Richie Farrell

"Hi! Just thought I'd leave some positive feedback! Ordered the item yesterday afternoon (around 4pm), and it STILL arrived first thing this morning! Quality service, and quality communication. When I sent an email to enquire about the item, the email response was swift and helpful, even informing me about another item that was very similar to the one I wanted. And posted links to the pair of them! I'm just not used to this great a service! I'd not only use this site again, I've already started recommending you to all my friends! Great service guys! Don't change a thing! :D " Mike Preston UK

" Hi, Darius Gaiden arrived today. The disc looks new! We hope to buy from you again soon, as we are very pleased with the game. "
Alex & Tia Sheffield

" Hi all!! Just wanted to say thanks very much! as a new customer i'm over the moon at the excellent service!! items all in great condition,loads of classic titles and best of great prices!! next day delivery as well,what more can you ask for? i'll definitely be buying my games from here in future!!! very satisfied customer,thanks again! cheers! "
stu surrey

" Greetings to all,
I really like your website.
I think your service is excellent.
I have purchased rare to find games like Time Gal and Ninja Hayate for playstation in very good conditions. I recommend 'Genki' to all Retrogamers,
Thank you very much! "

" Hi to all at Genki.
I have recently purchased from you, for the first time a few days back (JAP Saturn + 3 games). I just cannot express enough my gratitude to you all. The packaging was immacculate, the delivery was unbeliveably quick (next day...!) and the item works brilliantly, so you can imagine how happy I am with the service!
I can assure you that I will definately be dealing with you in the future and if any of my friends want a recommendation for import gaming, I'll make sure it'll be Genki Video Games first. "
Many, many thanks.
K. Davies

" Dear Peter and ALL Genki Staff.,
as first I ask you to forgive my bad english..and as second I please you to forgive me if by words I can't show you how I'm feeling now. I got a couple of hours ago my copy of Gran Turismo you sent me last week..
Simply.. tears.
They come from my happiness.
I know you receive such mails like mine everyday and I'm not writing you for a sort of feedbak or else; I just wish.. no, NEED to thank you from my heart for your work, for your kindness, for your professionality.
It was my first order from other countries and there was a bit of "diffidence" at the beginning but when I got so quikly your nice reply I understood that I'd be completely satisfated and.. I was completely right.
Quite eleven years are passed from the louch date of Gran Turismo in Japan and the disk you sent me is simply PERFECT, in all sences: it looks quite new and it's complete of BOTH manuals!
There are quite many shops/people that sell things on internet; probably the largest part of them are honest, but in Genki I found something more: it's to be treated not just a "customer" but as a "dear customer" since this first time and I wish you to continue in this way: you have for sure many mails to reply and you could simply write me back "ok, we just sent, thank you" instead, with your words you made me to understand that you listen and pay attention to everybody.
If you feel to pick up few lines from this mail for your site, well, I wish everybody to know that your team sent me this game with a really honest price, fast service (got it in 4 working days!), well packed, in PERFECT conditions expecially considering how may years it has end all with deep kindness AS IF I'd ordered something more precious and expencive!
Is not simply "I don't regret to had made this order": I'm delirously happy to had found you on internet..
Thank you guys!! "
Nicola Bonvicini
Bologna - Italy

" I find your service to be friendly, efficient and full of all kinds of stuff most other sites just don't have. You provide excellent person-to-person customer service, the site is a luxury to browse, and above all else, Genki Video Games is very honest about what they are selling. Best rare / import service I have come across =) ! " Thankyou =) !

" Received my excellent game (Parodius Portable) via Royal Mail Special Delivery. Genki's courteous and speedy service never disappoints. "
Cheers, Howard.

" Hello all my friends at Genki,
Yes I got me goods and all items arrived safe and certainly "sound"...If I may,I Just want to leave some feedback to say a "BIG" thankyou for an excellent job in making me young blood smile with extreme excitment.:)
He was over the moon with ninja Kun and highly impressed with his Super Famicom...Oh,he loves the gifts and he appreciates the tamagotchi-the little devil nearly snapt me fingers in an enraged frenzy with eyes glaring with antisapation.:) Kids,eh....Gotta love'em.
Also I would like to take this opportunity to thank you Peter my good man! I must say you've been a great help to me...My CV collection sure is growing and certainly looks fare more sexy!!Thanks for tracking'em down,
I tell yer I didn't expect to receive that guide book in such immaculate condition....WOW you guys rock....
You have my regards,and my custom as always keep up the good work... "
Take care my friends.
With Regards,Kevros..

" Amazing! Once again I've got my games in no time and in mint condition. Star Soldier on GameCube (which I've not seen anywhere else) and Caravan Shooting Collection (yes, really!) on Super Famicom. This is how service should be. Thanks for being an island of quality in a sea of average dross. "
Rik - Sheffield.

" You guys r brilliant & very reliable. I'm surprise that u manage to got me a very rare game, good condition as well. Thank you very much! "

" "Hi,Genki,
Recieved me goods today,again I'm soooo impressed-everything was perfectly packed as usual!!
Well,one wouldn't expect no less from such a professional Team of devoted Gamers-always devoted to please the costomers wishes-Thats my friends at the genki..:) Oh me young blood even cracked a wee smile when I surprised him with sonic adventure 2.:) I certainly hope he appreciates his big bro for being such a soft touch!! So thanks Genki for being such a great company,and a "BIG" thankyou from me and (Peter)...My young blood-We both are extremely greateful...
Will gladly shop again.." "
Keep the green tea flowing my friends.
The Kevros.

" Greetings all at Genki,
I'm just writeing to say thanks for the swift dispatch,All me goods work fine and play like a dream... Seriously though,I believe great praise is due for such a well run company-words can never express how grateful I am towards you Guys,Hey it's this level of service that encourages "hardcore" gamers to use your extremely efficient,extremely friendly company-So I cannot compliment the Great Genki any higher.:) Top marks I say!!! I'm sure you'll Please my customer in the future...
I will shop again!! "
All the best my friends.
Kevros-(the one and only.:))

" Hello (Peter) people at Genki
I recived my product on time, i just havent had time to thank guys, great service, you have my custom in future =) "
With regards
Tim Clark

" I've only ordered a couple of items, but both have arrived in such a short time and in excellent condition. The latest was Castlevania XX for the Super Famicom - a 12 year old game in a cardboard box - it arrived as though it had just come off the shop shelf brand new! Great service and products - what more can you ask? "
Many thanks, Rik - Sheffield.

" Received GT5 Prologue today and it plays perfectly on my UK PS3. The usual excellent and courteous Genki service, with prompt despatch, order tracking and good packaging. " Cheers!

" Hiya, and thanks! Recieved Gran Turismo 5 & Gran Turismo HD for the Playstation 3 and those rare Gran Turismo 4 Photo Pack, all is great! Gran Turismo 5 is a mouth opener! The graphics are amazing, same as Gran Turismo HD!
Thankyou for all your hard work getting me those games and you are one of the best importers Worldwide. Thankyou so much, HAPPY CHRISTMAS!!! "
Take Care, Anthony :-)

" Hi Genki,
Got my goodies this morning...Would like to express my thanks.
Again the Great Genki never disappoints a loyal customer!! your service and politeness is
second to none....Its been a pleasure doing business with you-you guys are absolutely the best....Congratulations on a job well done,please keep up the good work. "
Take care my friends, Kevin.

" Hello Genki,
Just thought i'll leave you some feedback.
I've been with you guys for quite some time now,i must say your website,service is brilliant!! Also the items you send are always immaculately packed,which always makes a good impression.
I'll definitely be useing you regularly from now on. "
Game on my friends. Kevin.
"Just arrived today Ridge Racer 7 Jap Import for the Playstation 3, One of the best games for the Playstation 3 so far, I LOVE IT. Also Genki Video Games one of the best importers ever to land on earth. Great customer service, will never leave you in the corner waiting, always responsive and just the greatest. Thankyou Genki. "
All the best, Anthony :-) "

"Received my Japanese copy of Hot Shots Golf 5 for the PS3 in double-quick time -plus a free copy of Gran Turismo HD! HSG plays like a peach on my UK PS3, and I can even go online against golfers from Japan! "

Just want to drop a line to say thank you for sending me my order so quickly.
You have the best website of all time and I’ll be shopping with you on a regular basis.
Keep up the good work. "
Many thanks

"Dear All at Genki,
Just want to leave some feedback regarding my first transaction with you guys, game arrived safe and sound, in great condition, due to excellent packaging , also item exactly as described, and superb communication too, so all round one huge thanks & promise to shop again. "

" Got the package today. Thank you very much for a swift delivery. This may seem stupid but fair play to you and your company for making the effort to pack the software so well. Every CD was in a sleave, the inner cds had some bubble wrap to protect them in travel, these kinda things go a long way in customer service and i appreciate the effort taken. Everything is is fantastic condition....
Thank you for a great service.... "
Take care Dave

" I haven't done any feedback for my orders since my first one. Not much changed about my view and excitement over Genki's great great great services and friendly attitude!!! Top as ever! "
Love GVG xD Kuddos!!

" Cheers, Genki Videogames. Your fantastic selection of gaming goods and excellent service have been amazing. Thank you very much. "
from Hardip

" Hello,
I have made two orders with you; one for pads and one for HuCards. I have to say that the service is fantastic and we really appreciate the speed of delivery and condition of the goods. The kids are enjoying the old games too (and it is not just playing - it is 'living history' !). "
Thank you very much,
Richard Porter

" Once again The Great Genki makes a retro dreamer's fantasy come true. With your amazing knowledge of gaming history, quality goods and warp-factor delivery . . . I can think of nowhere better to gratify my gaming desire! . . . "
Yours sincerely
As ever - Chris (Crazy PC-Engine Freak)

" Dear Genkivideogames,
my name is Adam Flynn from Northern Ireland and I would just like to thank you for your service over the last few orders. The games, which were very well priced and reasonably hard to find, arrived in pristine condition and I especially appreciated the support via email, including the fact that you remembered my past orders and referred to them. All in all, an excellent service and I will hopefully be using you again soon! "
Adam Flynn

" Dear Genki
I have always found that your service has been impeccable. You deliver very quickly and the quality of your products is fantastic. A bit thanks to all the staff at Genki for providing what is easily the best import site on the net. "
Many Thanks,
Si Green

" Hi would like to just say a few things about GenkiVideo Games.
I've bought import games for Japanese Consoles for nearly 20 years from a lot of differant shops in the UK,this is the first time ive bought from Genki,having just recieved my copy of Hokuto No Ken for the JAP PS2 and complete with Bonus Disc i might add!!!!!
I'am so impressed with the quality of their first rate service,communication,outstanding delivery and communication that i cannot recommend GenkiVideo any higher!!!!
Easily the best around! "
Many Thanks,Angelo,Surrey.

" I have no hesitation recommending Genki to any import enthusiast. They're fast, friendly and know their stuff. Products arrive exactly as described and are impeccably packaged. My only regret is I didn't find them sooner. "
Edwin Bradford -- Graphic Interface Designer, Electronic Arts Europe.

" What good things can I say of this web?I hope that you follow this way always....without a doubt the best Web to buy import videogames, you will never have a problem with this people........Congratulations & many thanks!!!!!!!! "
Regards from Spain.
Juan Pedro

" Dear Genki,
Thank you for a rapid delivery. The games are all in excellent condition. It is wonderful to find such a quality gaming site on the web. I can tell you really take pride in what you do and will definitely be buying from you again soon. "
Yours sincerely
Chris (A PC-Engine Freak)

" thanks guys for my dreamcast games order, it arrived on time and I must say I was very impressed with the presentation ,quality and packaging of the games and all at at a resonable price.
This has put new life into my dreamcast,keep up the good work and hope to do more buisnes in the future. "
D Knowles.

" once again awsome service from genki initial d street stage on psp works amazingly and street fight zero 3 is better than expected thanks again genki "
" naruto 2 on gamecube is amazing and works great with a freeloader once again great service from genki (it is one of the best import sites) "
" once again amazing service and donkey konga jungle beat is great fun this is defenitly the number 1 import site (thanks genki) "

" i cant belive how well the freeloader works on the gamecube and the service is amazing "

" The games have already arrived, and they are in very good condition. Wow - impressive! I'll definitely add Genki Video Games to my list of preferred retailers when it comes to import/retro games... "
Have a nice day,

" hi there, just wanted to say thankyou for the perfect service i have recieved for all the games i have bought on you site, excellent info and reviews too. im sure i will be back soon. "
thanks again paul

" I have turned into a genki fan already. There is one word that can describe the overall services : "excellent" . Thanks (hell of)alot and I look forward shopping again soon! My best wishes and happy new year! "

" The items that i bought were Shining Force III part2 and part3 plus Dead or Alive Special Edition for Saturn. Well what can i say, fast shipment, perfect service, superb communication with the customers, the items as in the description or even better, in other words just perfect. I 'll definitely buy again. Double thumps up. "

" Got the games today,WOW,they really are mint,i have heard mint before and they aint been but these really are.Cant wait to buy more off your site. "
" The item arrived today in perfect condition, better than I was hoping for an used item :) (it was an item hard to find, so I'm glad I found one in such good condition), Im very satisfied of my first transaction with you, I will remember your shop for some future import need I might have. "
Thanks for everything

" Recieved Samurai Spirits 2 today and just wanted to say thanks for the super fast delivery (within 22 hours of placing order), game was packaged well and works perfectly. Amazingly good prices too!! "

" Hey!
Just a quick message to applaud you guys on your superb service, shopping with Genki has been by far the best internet shopping experience I have ever had. Your delivery was super fast and your communication excellent, helpful and friendly.
I had been looking for the particular arcade stick I bought from you for quite some time, thanks for making such excellent and hard to come by import games and accessories availble and at such reasonable prices.
Many thanks, and I look forward to shopping with Genki again in the future "
Tom Parry

" Hi, just a quick mail to say thanks very much for the excellent service.. KOF arrived in ultra quick time and in great condition. Many thanks for the great service , i will definately be using genki again in the near future . "
once again , many thanks

" just a quick mail 2 say the geo games arrived this morning , once again im extremely happy with them and once again the service you have offered has been outstanding.
once again many thanks for your time and help "

" Just wanted to drop you a quick message to say how pleased I am with your excellent service.
Being a first time customer it's always important to get off on the right foot, I felt very reassured after our quick telephone conversation yesterday and you haven't failed to deliver.
The Street Fighter II Champion Edition HuCard and Avenue Pad 6 arrived safely today. One question about the pad, are you sure that's second hand? I honestly beleive that it's brand new from the condition it's in. :)
All in all a great start, I'm sure I'll be back for more in due course. " Thanks again,

" Wow. You guys are fast. I got my hands on a very rare game. I can't express the joy I had when looked at my freshly arrived package. I definately feel genki!
Thank you! "
United States

" Hello, congratulations for this fantastic web and the excellent service that I have received at any moment, kindly, quickly and superb packaging......... Received Antiques msx collection(x2) and gamabare goemon in perfect condition..... Thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!! "

" I have ordered things from other sites before but i have to say that i am most impressed with Genki video games. I recieved my game within 22 hours of ordering. I am pleased with the game and hope to do business again. "
Si G

" Hi i just got my figures this morning arrived extremely quick very pleased and packed well with bubblewrap aronud them. Thanks guys will do bussiness very soon. "

" I'm an Italian Retrogamer and I want to say: "Genki is n°1 Europe retro-seller!!" Awesome courtesy, fast delivery and games in very good condition... Go on dudes!!! Ho comprato molta roba da loro e ragazzi vi posso assicurare velocità nella consegna e cordialità nella transazione (è la mia quinta volta) Congratulations!!! ^_^ "
Mauro (thedarksideofforce)

" Hi,
This is my very first time doing business with you guys and it won't be the last! * Impeccable * customer service. I mean it. I've been ordering games for years now and it's the first time I've been served this well. You people know your games, and there's something you have that some other stores often lack : passion !
And browsing through your website for titles is a pleasure !
Congratulations, Genki team ! "

" Hi Genki
Thanks for the prompt delivery of jikkyou j league perfect striker 3 despatched and delivered in 1 day and the great service and communication via email.The above mentioned game is in fantastic condition with no marks or scratches to the game box or disk representing great value for money for a used title.Also many thanks for tracking this title down and the continued search for similiar titles that are hard to obtain outside of japan.You guys are as essential as oxygen for any video game player who loves it japanese and likes games in mint condition just like you buy them used or new in japan..........certainly no scratched game disks or crumpled manuals here SUBLIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! "
Steve warren UK

" My order arrived this morning as you promised. It was a joy ordering from your company - a great site and prompt delivery - I will be a returning visitor ! "
Many thanks and regards,

" Hi - just received my first order from you on Saturday; absolutely fantastic service guys - great games & superb packaging, cheers. "
cheers chaps

" I wanted to write and congratulate you on an excellent service. The website is quick and easy to use and the payment process slick. I ordered yesterday and the goods where with me first thing this morning. The postage was a bit steep but worth it with hindsight. The games themselves where well packaged and in better condition then I had expected. "
Great job. Well done and keep it up.

" Just letting you guys know that my copy of Radiant Silvergun arrived today undamaged. I also want to applaud you for your seriousness in selling rare and collectable games. Great packaging and shipping (the postman even came to my door with the package in hand). The game itself was in very good condition as you stated, complete as it was when it was sold. Even some "collectors packaging" around it which was very appreciated. Hope your "for gamers by gamers-attitude" goes a long way and I hope we can do business again soon. "
Best wishes
// Björn

" Just to let you know I've got my stuff this morning. Excellent packaging, fast and great service. The products are what I was expecting and now I can get the most out of my Gamecube.
Thanks a lot again and see you next time! "

" Hi,
Received Power Instinct 2 today.
Great condition and great service once again! Thanks guys. "

To give us some feedback, please email us on All feedback is welcomed. Please also feel free to send in your readers reviews of games on the site. Thanks.

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