Yankee Banchou from D3 on PS2

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Draws on the Yankee gang styling that runs a deep undercurrent in Japanese society: street punks with distinctive kanji adorned clothing and often close held affinity to rev head bikes. And what a fine source material for any game to draw on. Those Chinese character kanji appear over the fights to add manga style sound effects. The first mistake would be to under-estimate a female opponent: the girls give as good as they've got. But before that players must break out of jail and beat the boss: a tough crim which takes a bit of button bashing when the challenge pops up. Has a feel inspired by Tecmos Kunio as iron bars and other suitably vicious weapons can be utilised for a brief stint. As can an adrenalin fuelled assault possibly the result of too many of those caffeine filled bottles?

Publisher: D3
Game Type: Side Scrolling Beat Em Up
Console: PS2

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Further information regarding Yankee Banchou is as follows:-

Second hand. Simple 2000 series. Cero 12. Disk has been polished. Light manual cover impressions.

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