Virtua Fighter 5 (New) from Sega on PS3

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Well worth the wait as Sega polishes its massive series to create a visual punch capable of knocking players out cold for the count. Pugilists flow like water with seamless animation making it at times difficult to concentrate on countering the attacks, such is the graphical splendour. And its not only the players full of fluidity ĀEthe waterfall level will take a few attempts to get used to before players can focus fully on the battle in-hand. Seventeen playable fighters with some vicious special moves to master to become king of the arcades as players tour round the game centres fighting new challengers. Master is the operative word with ranking determined by performance against tougher opponents with the ultimate aim being to reach tenth dan. So the dojo is a sound place to start for some solid training in the foundations. Tournament mode allows competitors to pick up money or a new outfit to radically alter the playerís on-screen personaís appearance.

Publisher: Sega
Game Type: One on One Beat Em Up
Console: PS3

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Further information regarding Virtua Fighter 5 (New) is as follows:-

Brand new. Import friendly English options.

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