Soul Blader from Enix on Super Famicom

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Enjoyable action orientated RPG which sees the player arriving in a new town, soon of course to hit the dungeon. Battling the monstrous inhabitants of the dungeon frees up souls of captured folk who are then returned to their rightful place in the town. Going to visit these folk will bestow on your player new powers or items making revisiting certain areas of the dungeon a much more fruitful experience than previous, sometimes they even join your quest. There are also shields adding to the playerfs potential to remain underwater or pass through flames again opening up more of the intriguing twine of this fine tale. Known as eSoul Blazerf in the West.

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Publisher: Enix
Game Type: Action RPG
Console: Super Famicom

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Second hand. Slight box discolouration. For more on this title and related ones, please click here...

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