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Over fifty tracks to bring back fond memories of when SNK was King of the Arcades with some classic titles covered. Listings: Athena -Athena's Wonder Land '86 Departures World of Forest Hamadrius Ghodem Neptune's Theme World of the Cave World of the Sea World of the Sky World of the Ice World of the Hell Gryupus Kimairah Mado's Theme World of Labyrinth Titurn's Theme Dante's Theme Athena's Journey Is Over Naming (See You Again) Game Over Unused Track 1 Unused Track 2 Unused Track 3 Unused Track 4 Psycho Soldier '87 Title Psycho Soldier's Theme (No.1 Area) Psycho Soldier's Theme (No.1 Area) Overseas Version Psycho Soldier's Theme (No.1 Area) Instrumental Version Battle Town (No. 2 Area) Basement Cave (No. 3 Area) The Blue Underground Lake Hot Lava Area (No. 5 Area) Cigdo Dabide (No. 6 Area) Last Boss Ending "Kizu darake no Blue Moon" Game Over Psycho Soldier' Theme Vocal Only Version Psycho Soldier's Theme Vocal Only Overseas Voice Collection Garou Densetsu (Fatal Fury) '91 Brave Raiden (Raiden' Theme) Garou Densetsu 2 (Fatal Fury 2) '92 London March (England Stage) Billy Kane Garou Densetsu Special (Fatal Fury Special) '93 Duck Dub Dub (Duck. You are, too?) Duck King Garou Densetsu 3 (Fatal Fury 3) '95 Chi!! Chi!! Chi!! Chi!! (Hon Fu Stage) Garou Densetsu Wild Ambition (Fatal Fury Ambition) '98 Cosmic Itch (Tsugumi Sendou Stage) Real Bout Garou Densetsu '95 Seoul Town (Kim Kaphwan Stage) Real Bout Garou Densetsu Special '96 Forever Together with Kuri (Terry Bogard) Garou Densetsu Mark of the Wolves '99 Destruction Maniac (Grand Stage) Ryuko no Ken '92 Don't Look at Me (King Stage) Ryuko no Ken 2 '94 A Horse and Me (Ryo Sakazaki BGM) Buriki -Buriki One- '99 Get High -Buriki Mix-(Ryo Sakazaki's Theme) Samurai Spirits '93 Daichi (Earth Quake) Shin-Samurai Spirits '94 Ochoshi Rokku (Kuroko) Samurai Tamashii -Samurai Spirits '97 Four Seasons (Nakoruru) Bakumatsu Roman -Gekka no Kenshi- (Fencers under the Moon) '97 Gekka no Kenshi -Before Sun Rise (Theme Song 1) Metal Slug X '99 Judgment (Stage 1-1) The King of Fighters '94 Psycho Soldier "K.O.F. Version" (China Stage) The King of Fighters '95 Shiver Dora (China Stage) The King of Fighters '96 Stiff Shoulder on Geese (Geese's Theme) The King of Fighters '97 Esaka Forever (Kyo Kusanagi) The King of Fighters '98 Dream Match Never Ends A Storm of Saxophone (Iori Yagami) The King of Fighters '99 KD-0079 (Main Characters Theme) The King of Fighters 2000 Crystal -Type A- (Staff Roll Type A)

Publisher: Scitron Discs
Game Type: Soundtrack
Console: Soundtracks

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