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The title refers to the services of a super hero who can be hired to grapple against Godzilla and Mothra look a likes wherever they may be causing havoc in this gaming equivalent of a B movie. Also has some RPG elements in the setting up of battles between our super hero and the varing kaiju. Except to be truthful our man hasn't quite obtained super hero nirvana: he is just doing these odd jobs to pay for his lycra suit such as opening a bank account. Followed up on the Dreamcast and Xbox.

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Publisher: Sega
Game Type: Action
Console: Mega Drive

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Further information regarding Rent A Hero is as follows:-

Second hand. Sun fade to spine of cover. Manual cover creasing with slight scuffing and a small nick on the edge. Rent A Hero Fact: Rent A Hero has also guested in Fighters Megamix and Shenmue 2 - as one of the arcade prizes.