Psyvariar 2 (New) from Success on Dreamcast

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Similar to Treasure's fine Ikaruga at least in appearance, yet Psyvariar is very much its own mecha with power ups being obtained by skimming oncoming projectiles - literally dicing with death. Also has similarities with Border Down in that the difficulty level adjusts to your performance or lack of. Choice of two pilots with suitably varied mecha making for a meaty challenge to complete the game with both. Visually stunning with swirling bullet patterns in danger of trancing you out, emphasising the time it takes to fully grasp a comprehension of a systems architecture in the constant rush towards new platforms. Includes tate mode and is a very close conversion of the coin-op. Subtitled 'The Will to Fabricate.'

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Publisher: Success
Game Type: Shoot Em Up
Console: Dreamcast

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Brand new.

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