Mischief Makers from Treasure on Nintendo 64

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More dazzling brilliance from Treasure in this platformer that lets you interact with almost everything on screen, so for example you can shake an enemy to drop their weapon and then use it. Gameplay is essentially 2D, but with 3D graphics. Full of surprises like being chased through the level by a giant explosion. The endings are determined by how many hidden gems you can obtain adding to the replay, but just to enjoy the bosses again should be ample incentive. Bringing the fun back to gaming. Also known as Trouble Makers.

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Publisher: Treasure
Game Type: Platform
Console: Nintendo 64

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Further information regarding Mischief Makers is as follows:-

Second hand. Edge score 8/10. Comes with quick reference play guide. Box discolouration as is common with this title. The box also has a concave feel on the reverse with light scuffing on the top edge and a bulge on the side flap.

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