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Tweaks the successful Dreamcast incarnation to add a few extras but the core play mechanics remain as pure as ever and the tate mode remains intact. As do the Arcade and Challenge modes, but the GameCube mode is most welcomed with a demo of the level section that can then be played in slow or normal speeds. The main catch to this full on blast is the selection of vessel weapon colour: be it black or white. Enemy ships are either one colour or the other and the score is doubled for taking them out with the opposite coloured projectile. Further score incentive is offered in the multiplier that increases for shooting ships of the same colour in sequence. Yet your own vessel is invincible to bullets of the same colour making for some tactical thought. In fact taking on bullets of the same colour is required to charge the only power up in the vessel's supergun. Its quite unusual in that respect but there are no other power ups in a bold and refreshing move. Two player mode gives some welcomed respite and high scores can be clocked up with some well worked teamwork. Five chapters may not sound like many, but only the dedicated shmup fan will see the credits roll.

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Publisher: Treasure
Game Type: Shoot Em Up
Console: Game Cube

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Further information regarding Ikaruga (Sale) is as follows:-

Second hand. Import friendly English menus. Edge Issue 128 Top Ten Shooters. Slight curve in manual. Very slight wear in a small part to the card sleeve.

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