Highway Star from Square on Famicom

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Square's name will always be synonymous with the RPG scene, yet certain titles demonstrate how multi faceted the creative company could have been without Final Fantasy's phenomenal performance. Highway Star creates a cracking illusion of mach one speed: a real buzz for the eighties era and the gameplay is no slouch either with various vehicles such as big trucks and meandering roads hindering your cars progress to the time challenged goal. Came with 3D glasses for the special mode that actually works well in a back of cereal box sort of way. Known in the West as Rad Racer, from an era when rad was bad!

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Publisher: Square
Game Type: Sports
Console: Famicom

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Further information regarding Highway Star is as follows:-

Second hand. Compatible with the Famicom 3D System. Only very minor box imperfections. For an impartial review, please check out this link.... hg101.kontek.net/rad-racer/

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