God Hand from Capcom on PS2

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God Hand refers to the powerful arm attachment given to the games hero to carry out his divine work in beating back scallies and demons. Unfortunately the choice to hero was not exactly ideal with his somewhat corrupt morals as you lay into opponents with the drunken punch or pimp slap. Its the spanking of female assailants that might not be quite the sort of punishment intended. The God Hand can be summoned with sufficient build up in the power meter to slow down proceedings and unleash a visually stunning assault from a variety of possibilities such as smashing all the enemies off screen in the home run attack. Splendid array of adversaries including vicious little dogs, men dressed as monkeys and camp gents in trunks. Tough, but exhilarating requiring tactical attacks not button hammering.

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Publisher: Capcom
Game Type: One on One Beat Em Up
Console: PS2

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Further information regarding God Hand is as follows:-

Second hand. Cero B: warning of violent scenes and grotesque imagery. Comes with God Tracks bonus CD. Very slight manual cover impression.