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Clock Works (New)

Clock Works (New)

Sega Saturn

Puzzle - £16.99

An unusual title where players rotate around the screen like the hands of a clock, attaching themselves to axis in which to get to the next area of the scre...

Out Of Stock

Labyrinth (Cart Only)

Labyrinth (Cart Only)


Shooter - £11.99

The Eighties film starring David Bowie gets a top translation to the console format with Final Fantasy style characters able to shoot at the unusual beasty ...

Love Quest (Cart Only)

Love Quest (Cart Only)

Super Famicom

RPG - £62.99

Featuring dating profiles such as listing his mother as his favourite star or scenes where the pants thief pops up, Love Quest has plenty of humour-all in t...

Tondemo Crisis

Tondemo Crisis


A Bit Special - £19.99

A superb treat for fans of bizarre import crackers, Tondemo Crisis sets the story up as the players needing to organise a birthday party for the family gran...

Out Of Stock

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