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Brave Prove

Brave Prove


RPG - £14.99

Action jam packed RPG where playable characters charge in with zest to dispatch enemy hoards with real youthful zest to match the vibrant, Chrono Chross sty...

Out Of Stock

Rayxanber II

Rayxanber II

PC Engine CD ROM

Shoot Em Up - £39.99

Data West works wonders with the Engine creating great effects such as parallax, multidirectional, dual playfield scrolling all at light speed - its just a ...

Out Of Stock

Rayxanber III

Rayxanber III

PC Engine Super CD ROM

Shoot Em Up - £59.99

Gorgeous graphical feat for the eyes backed up with some meaty gameplay to satisfy the hungriest of shmup gourmet. Tough, but always fair setting high stand...

Out Of Stock

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