Clock Tower 2 from Human on Playstation

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Further evidence of Japanese skills in making spooky psychological software comes courtesy of Human who were busy terrifying gamers well before Capcom's zombie onslaughts. Graphic murders involving scissors lead you to think you're next as you point and click light puzzle elements away towards revealing the murderer's true identity. Occasional appearances of the scissorman will put a chill down your spine and quick thinking is needed to evade his advances. A panic meter can be used if fully charged to escape temporarily however this can only be used three times before becoming exhausted. In game items can be used as weapons, but once used they can't be restored to the gaming world so quick thinking is a must.

For more info on the series please click here to view Hardcore Gaming's excellent guide.

Publisher: Human
Game Type: Simulation
Console: Playstation

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Further information regarding Clock Tower 2 is as follows:-

Second hand. Manual has gotten wet and is creased as a result. Slight disk scratching.