1941 from Hudson Soft on PC Engine Super Grafx

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The only home conversion of the World War II themed Capcom coin-op shooter and looking lavish on the Super Grafx with a very rich colour palette and detailed sprite animation. Varied levels see you fly over both land and sea and the level structure has been carefully calculated to keep the intrigue. This and Ghouls and Ghosts are the reasons to own the Super Grafx.

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Publisher: Hudson Soft
Game Type: Shoot Em Up
Console: PC Engine Super Grafx

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Further information regarding 1941 is as follows:-

Second hand. Complete with outer cardboard slip cover, though slip cover has some very minor imperfections on edges/corners. Couple of very slight manual cover impressions. Edge PC Engine Collector's Guide Featured Title: "The definitive home conversion of the classic shooter." Complete with registration card.

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