Ninja Masters from ADK on Neo-Geo CD

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Oh yes sir! Genki wouldnt dream of looking even a glance at Ninja Masters if they were personified. In true ninja style our heads would be rolling before the chance to apologise to this mean, moody battle axe had passed. Like a darker Samurai Spirits and with elements of all things good about Last Blade piece together to make a frightenly good fighter. The weapons can be stashed away to pummel an opponent with feet and fists should they not be worthy of blunting your blade. The backgrounds of ornate temples and blood red skies feel like those of a Samurai flick the equivalent of the tumble weeds rolling across the Western town before the guns go off. A Neo Geo platform exclusive and a real jewel in the sword scabbard.

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Publisher: ADK
Game Type: One on One Beat Em Up
Console: Neo-Geo CD

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Further information regarding Ninja Masters is as follows:-

Second hand. Couple of very slight manual cover impressions. Better than Last Blade and Samurai Spirits...?

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