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Game Of The Week

SuperFamicom - £64.99

Choaniki meets Final Fight and the results are very visual. Three selectable characters w..

Recommended Games

NeoGeoCd - £59.99

CD exclusive that sees the player represented in see through line graphics as assaults re..

FamicomCart - £97.99

Sound representation of the cat and mouse game to the point you'll hear the immortal scre..

GameCube - £37.99

Inspired from the Super Famicom classic which Genki rates as the best RPG of all time. Al..

PCEngineHuCard - £69.99

PC Kid's giant head comes in handy to deliver cranium crushing Glasgow kisses to enemies ..

FamicomCart - £82.99

Think of Rolling Thunder with ninjas and you'll have the gist of this platform shooter. K..

PS4 - £64.99

One of the most treasured of Saturn shooters (and now requiring a fair amount of treasure..

NeoGeoAESCarts - £169.99

A baseball game good enough to be perfectly playable to those not interested in the sport..

Nintendo64 - £49.99

Update of the mighty shmup series that first made its fame on the humble PC Engine and th..

SuperFamicom - £27.99

The flexible and sometimes dispensable nature of the Crash Dummies make them perfect to p..

SuperFamicom - £44.99

Unbelievable to see a Super Famicom release in 2017. And some real coding might behind it..

SuperFamicom - £109.99

Billy Lee and Jimmy Lee hit the streets looking more 80's than Grand Master Flash, but th..

PS2 - £14.99

A host of new anime style characters to chuckle along with and do battle adding much to t..

PlayStation - £24.99

Featuring some cast iron legends from the mecha manga world with good old Gundam and Mazi..

Playstation - £17.99

A fun and quirky Playstation game which creates its own course like Mad Panic Coaster. Pl..

SegaSaturn - £32.99

Sequel to the superb Mega Drive and Super Famicom crackers, Leynos 2 features more exo sk..

MegaDrive - £67.99

Mega bosses and pretty level design make for a sizzling hot shooter that seems to be insp..

PSP - £34.99

Containing both the original PSP release and this updated version with rearranged stages,..

Hardware Of The Week

MiscHardware - £159.99

Bandai went it alone to release its own baby rather than make third party releases for ot..

Recommended Hardware

MiscHardware - £74.99

A clever, value hybrid console at a great entry price for starting an import collection. ..

NintendoHardware - £119.99

Nintendo gets all nostalgic with the release of the ever young Famicom. Built into the pa..

NintendoHardware - £129.99

Nintendo re-releases its Super Famicom in mini format with twenty one built in games incl..

NintendoHardware - £84.99

Lavishly retro with Hori's high production values, this fine controller lists the followi..

NintendoHardware - £179.99

The original version of the disk system as crafted by Nintendo and its early design flair..

NintendoHardware - £74.99

Until recently Genki was blissfully unaware of the Famicom 3D System. Granted a few Genki..

SNKHardware - £37.99

A whacky device that uses radio waves to link fellow Neo Geo Pocket players together to s..

MiscHarware - £34.99

Sadly the short life of both consoles make this quite a hard piece of kit to track down, ..

NintendoHardware - £32.99

Certainly the wackiest peripheral on the Genki site and straight from the home of chindog..

PCEngineHardware - £99.99

Released to boost the Engine's prowess in the face of growing hardware competiton, the Ar..

SonyHardware - £169.99

The benefits of buying a Japanese machine are that you can use it straight away without a..

Merchandise - £64.99

Hard to resist this two way bag that can be used as a shoulder bag or rucksack. Ideal for..