Space Harrier: 3D Glasses NOT included Kunio kun: Toughest High School Student in all Japan Castlevania: Definitely not enough whips in modern games Good, Clean Family Fun on the Famicom If Kenshiro says: Youre already Dead!, Genki certainly wouldnt open an eye... Genki Video Games: Purveyors of ace retro game and Home to anime robots since 2007

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Please note, due to the Bank Holiday here in the UK,  orders placed now will be sent on Tuesday 01/09/15. Thanks for your attention and have a fun weekend.

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Welcome to Genki: UK based home to niche gaming from an era when only domestic markets were considered in making a game (whilst keeping an eye over the neighbours fence for any modern day masterpieces...) Established in 2007. Happy gaming.

Game Of The Week

Devil May Cry 4 Special Edition (New) (PS4)

Capcom injects new life into its DMC series with five playable characters, stunning cityscapes to test out your combo skills and a quite stunning attention to graphical detail promoting this to the high art genre. Alas the waves of assaults can be relentless, yet the control remains intuitive giving... Click for more info

Recommended Game

R: Racing Evolution (New)

Wide, sweeping curves to savour as players put the pedal to the metal. Slick presentation as players swoop in from an aerial view to the finely tuned gaming engine. Plenty of visual treats too such as flags fluttering and balloons lazily drifting by. Most famed on the GameCube for including Pacman V... Click for more info

Recommended Game

Sakura Flamingo Archives (New)

A bumper, great value compilation drawing together some mighty fine shooters for the 360 connoisseur. Chaos Field, Radirgy, Radirgy Noa, Karasu and Illvelo make up the roster; enough to keep the most dedicated shooter fan with calloused fingers happy as a pig in mud. Many of the titles are listed on... Click for more info

Recommended Game

Kanji Sonomama DS Rakubiki Jiten (New)

Not a game as such but an electronic dictionary with writing recognition thanks to the DS stylus. The equivalent machine would cost significantly more than price of a DS and this cart making it a serious alternative to the Casio WordTank for the budding linguist. Includes Game and Watch titles that ... Click for more info

Recommended Game

Game & Watch Collection 2 (New)

A Club Nintendo title that could only be obtained in Japan by those holding sufficient points which should no doubt add to its collectability in years to come. Transforms your DS into a Game & Watch machine in which Nintendo first cut its handheld teeth complete with clock. Two titles are included ... Click for more info

Recommended Game

Sega Ages Gunstar Heroes Treasure Box (New)

A real chest of gold containing Treasure's back catalogue of Alien Soldier, Gunstar Heroes and Dynamite Headdy for all to savour. The high price Alien Soldier goes for on the Mega Drive makes this a financial feasible way to sample some legendary titles. Options to tweak around with including an Eng... Click for more info

Recommended Game

Super Hang On 20th Anniversary Collection (New)

Brought out to celebrate two decades since the release of Super Hang On with tunes that bring back memories of sit on bike arcade machines, relentless throttle and leaning into corners. A bad CD to be listening to in any form of transport where you have control over your speed. ... Click for more info

Hardware Of The Week

Neo Geo Pocket Color Crystal

Crystal clear version of the colour update of SNK's handheld. Long battery life, classic titles such as 'Metal Slug', third party support from Sega in 'Sonic' and Taito in 'Puzzle Bobble' along with SNK's fine fighting lineage ensures it packs a mighty pocket punch.... Click for more info

Recommended Hardware

GameBoy Advance SP Achamo Version

An exclusive release only available at the Pokemon Centres in Japan which are found in Tokyo, Nagoya and Kyoto. Rumoured to be only two thousand in existence. Achamo is known as Torchic in the West. ... Click for more info

Recommended Hardware

GBA Famicom Cassette Cartridge Case Set 1 (New)

A fine release in collaboration with Nintendo's Famicom Anniversary series allowing admittedly somewhat nostalgic gamers to store their Famicom mini cart collection (or any GBA cart) in the Famicom styled case. This first release has the cart designs of Zelda, Donkey Kong and Super Mario Bros.... Click for more info

Recommended Hardware

Sega Saturn Micro Fibre Cloth (Virtua Fighter) (New)

Keep your tablet or indeed Sega Saturn in spic and span condition with this fine design cloth. Tribute to the Virtua Fighter phenomena which dropped as many jaws as it cracked back it its day. ... Click for more info