Space Harrier: 3D Glasses NOT included Kunio kun: Toughest High School Student in all Japan Castlevania: Definitely not enough whips in modern games Good, Clean Family Fun on the Famicom If Kenshiro says: Youre already Dead!, Genki certainly wouldnt open an eye... Genki Video Games: Purveyors of ace retro game and Home to anime robots since 2007

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Please note: orders placed from now (until 16:00 GMT on the day itself) will be sent on Monday 26/01/15. Thanks for your attention and have a pleasant weekend...

Game Of The Week

Biohazard 0 (New) (Sale)

Capcom remains the master of survival horror as it tweaks the Resident Evil engine to come up with a masterpiece of GC manipulation - not that you'll be wanting to get too close to viewing the detailed textures. And not that its only the visual splendour Capcom considered: items can now be left on t... Click for more info

Recommended Game

EX Troppers (New)

Seamless cel shaded avatars that come to life and enjoy Cybernator style chit chat as our hero charges into the screen. The independent running and targeting of enemies to shoot works well and is worthy of mention being such a crux to the success of the game. Players also take to space and Capcoms s... Click for more info

Recommended Game

Otoko Juku Limited Edition (New)

Otoko Juku could translate as School for Hard Knocks as players get to beat each other up in the interests of manliness. Rhythm action style button presses are needed for the bonus levels as well as balancing burning pots of fire on your head and hoping it doesnt catch ablaze. The fighting is quite ... Click for more info

Recommended Game

Shooting Love Collection (New)

Triangle Service blazes its return on the 360 which has become the spiritual successor to the Dreamcast in holding the shoot em up torch aloft and lighting up the skies. Fans of the Dreamcast titles will recall a bandana coming with the release of Trizeal and this package includes two fine releases ... Click for more info

Recommended Game

Senran Kagura 2 Shinku Nyuu Nyu Pack (New)

Here is the formula behind the series: play as a pretty lady with some serious weaponry, such as pigtails with rotating blades. Clear a small section of the stage by taking on hordes of adversaries, often fellow ladies. Progress through the level to meet the boss. Power up and reveal (via an anime s... Click for more info

Recommended Game

Gran Turismo 4 (Nike Limited Edition) (New)

I guess it would have been hard for Sony to include some form of vehicle, so gamers get the next best thing: a very swanky set of sneakers. Produced by Nike, these tidy trainers are a very height of collecting chic and thats just in the shoe market. Only a thousand units made according to the Sony s... Click for more info

Recommended Game

Biohazard 5th Anniversary Special Package

One of the finest limited editions Genki has ever had the pleasure to come across. Limited to 10,000 units, Capcom has demonstrated its appreciation of its hardcore following. Contained are copies of Biohazard, Biohazard 2 Dualshock, Biohazard 3 Last Escape, Biohazard Code Veronica (with Devil May C... Click for more info

Recommended Game

PC Engine Best Collection Sapphire/Yuna

Combines classic Engine RPG action with the shooter to destroy all shooters in this value pack. Amazing value in fact compared to the PC Engine release of Sapphire. Bubbly Yuna stars in two colourful adventures full of anime action and sublime voice acting. The plot is crazed and the cut scenes are ... Click for more info

Recommended Game

Gunhound EX (New)

Genki cut its teeth on the likes of Cybernator on the Super Famicom. Alas the teeth whilst longer, remain little blunt when it comes to lightening reflexes. Still the similarities are stark between the two titles and such news is cause for celebration for fans of old school 2D shooters harking for t... Click for more info

Recommended Game

Fighting Climax (New)

A collaboration between the publishing arm of Media Works, who made the likes of Catherine and the fine reads in the Dengeki Dreamcast and Saturn magazines, and Sega to celebrate the twentieth anniversary of Dengeki. As such speed lines and sleek characters in bike jump suits meet the fine mechanics... Click for more info

Recommended Game

Super Hang On 20th Anniversary Collection (New)

Brought out to celebrate two decades since the release of Super Hang On with tunes that bring back memories of sit on bike arcade machines, relentless throttle and leaning into corners. A bad CD to be listening to in any form of transport where you have control over your speed. ... Click for more info

Hardware Of The Week

Japanese Sega Super 32X Console

Much maligned on release mainly due to the lack of support and lack of clear distinction in performance from the 16 Bit generation. Yet time has been kind to the 32X and there remains some real collectable gems and affordable arcade arranges for the system. One for the Sega aficionado.... Click for more info

Recommended Hardware

New Super Mario Brothers U Fire Mario (New)

A lovely desktop treat for fans of Nintendos famous moustached mascot makes a Koopa feel the full force of a fireball accompanied by cheeky tune when his head is pressed. ... Click for more info

Recommended Hardware

Japanese 3DO Console FZ 1 (no box or manual)

The 3DO dream was a very brave one allowing many manufacturers to produce hardware taking as much advantage of the multimedia aspect that was seen as the future of gaming and taking on the dominance of Sega and the Big N at the same time. And whilst the headlines screamed DOA and 3DOH!, The 3DO ha... Click for more info

Recommended Hardware

Sega Saturn Micro Fibre Cloth (Segata Sanshiro) (New)

Keep your tablet or indeed Sega Saturn in spic and span condition with this fine design cloth. Segata Sanshiro became a cult hero in the fight for the Saturn's domination and he is well worthy of preserving in the Saturn hall of fame in this cloth. Can be framed for the true fanatic.... Click for more info

Recommended Hardware

Thunderforce V Postcard Set (New)

A colourful set of twenty two postcards printed on photographic Fuji film paper displaying the fine CG that is on offer in the PS2 version. A fine tribute for fans of this rip roaring blast.... Click for more info

Recommended Hardware

Animal Crossing DVD (New)

Following Ai as she moves to the town and gets a job at Nook's store (who Genki trusts pays at least minimum wage...) A mystery message leads to the plot taking a twist, but lets leave it at that...... Click for more info