Warioland 3 from Nintendo on Gameboy Color

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Specifically developed for the Game Boy Color and it shows with exuberant use of the palette in the big, bold sprites. Levels alternate between day and night with Wario requiring special power ups to be able to access certain areas in the classical gaming mould. Instead of dying Wario is transformed to a less useful form and when this happens on the boss levels, deposited back at random points within the level. There are also a few areas that require thought to progress rather than the usual platforming romp through to the boss. Plenty of replay potential too with one hundred different treasures to collect - only fifty of which are required to finish the game first time.

Publisher: Nintendo
Game Type: Platform
Console: Gameboy Color

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Further information regarding Warioland 3 is as follows:-

Second hand. Please note this title won't run on the original GameBoy. Comes with sticker sheet. Tear on inner box tab. Small dog ear on manual reverse.

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