Starfox from Nintendo on Super Famicom

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Star Fox utilised the new FX chip to the maximum producing a tight 3D shooter worthy of the Nintendo branding. As with all Nintendo classics, the gameplay is introduced to you gradually as you slowly begin to master control of the nippy airwing. Great control sees you weaving between buildings, skirting under bridges and taking on fruit machines in no time... With lavish presentation including banter with your fellow animal wing men, Starfox is a Super Famicom must have.

Publisher: Nintendo
Game Type: Shoot Em Up
Console: Super Famicom

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Further information regarding Starfox is as follows:-

Second hand. Please note: the FX chip may not be compatible with certain convertors. Comes with quick reference card. Slight scuffing on front cover of manual. Slight creasing on reverse of box near base.

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