Sexy Parodius from Konami on Sega Saturn

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No one could accuse the developers at Konami as lacking a sense of humour as you can play as a penguin, bunny girl on rocket, angelfish, flying pig, or man on paper plane through levels such as the bathroom with girls in bathtubs and northern farm complete with flying corn on the cobs. Gameplay hasn't been spared though with finely balanced play mechanics making this a worthy Saturn classic. Not as saucy as the name might suggest - but two compatible characters can hook up in two player mode for extra firepower.

For more info on the series please click here to view Hardcore Gaming's excellent guide.

Publisher: Konami
Game Type: Shoot Em Up
Console: Sega Saturn

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Further information regarding Sexy Parodius is as follows:-

Second hand. Import only release. Featured in the Edge Collector's Series top ten Saturn shooters. Disk has a tiny scratch. Very slight wear on manual edge.

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