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PN 03 (NEW)

Capcom's courageous attempt to reinvent 3D gaming on classic video game lines of high score bragging rights has much to commend as you guide Vanessa through various rooms. Enemy androids lie in wait so a combination of joypad dexterity in manipulating the vast plethora of moves out to get out of a fix and choice of the correct power suit is a requisite. But its the style of gameplay that matters as Vanessa back flips backwards and cartwheels forwards before disposing of the out foxed adversary androids. Missed by the mass market, but deserving of much more.

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Publisher: Capcom
Game Type: Shooter
Console: Game Cube

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Further information regarding PN 03 (New) is as follows:-

Brand new. Security sticker remnants on sealed cover reverse and some slight grubbiness to seal.