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PC Engine Best Collection Star Soldier (New)

A shoot em up series with cracking credentials makes th Star Soldier prime remake material. As the first in the series on the Engine, Super Star Soldier hasn't aged quite as well as Final Soldier and Soldier Blade, but its nippy gameplay has withstood the test of time. Eight intense levels as you fly over a giant spaceship not knowing where the next attack will be launched from. One hit takes out your upgradable weapon, the next - destruction. Has two and five minute score challenge modes for those who wished to brush up their skills for the gaming equivalent of Woodstock - the Caravan contest. Final Soldier is a fine example of the quality that oozes from the Soldier series in vertically scrolling second release that was used in the legendary Caravan contests. Selectable weapons at the start of each mission and pods can be ditched to use them as smart bombs. Good variety to add to the usual deep space backdrops with desert, forest and Giger inspired offerings. Soldier Blade was the final installment of the Star Soldier series on the Engine and what a send off from programmers Red. Vertically scrolling, the unique ability to store three different power up weapons helps no end - each of which can be ditched as a smart bomb. Without wishing to spoil the retina ruining action, the bosses appear to a gut wrenching sense of dread and a great deal of thought has been put into the graphics and clean level design (especially next to something like God Panic.) Saving the best to last. Finally to unwind Star Parodia the brilliant tongue in cheek take off of Star Soldier in the same way Parodius was to the Gradius series. Even playable as a PC Engine ship and includes evil Bomberman boss. One of the finest Engine shooters. Oozes quality from every colourful sprite.

Brand new.

Publisher: Hudson
Game Type: Shoot Em Up
Console: PSP

Japanese release - may only work with Japanese hardware.

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