Pac Man Vs from Namco on Game Cube

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A request from Shigeru Miyamoto lead to the orginal creator of Pac Man producing this update where in a novel twist the player can control the ghosts. Available only as a demo disk from Club Nintendo, Pac Man is reinvented by controlling the ghosts making for amazing multiplayer matches. The way it works is to have Pacman play via the GameBoy Advance link up so that the ghosts cannot see Pac's position, only that of the 3D maze on the television screen.

Publisher: Namco
Game Type: Action
Console: Game Cube

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Further information regarding Pac Man Vs is as follows:-

Second hand. Please note: this game requires the GameCube owner to also have a GameBoy Advance and a GBA link cable to connect it to the GameCube. It is also only playable for two players or more. Comes with CD envelope only. The seal has torn the paper envelope on the reverse being opened and it has light discolouration on the envelope too. Slight disk scratches.

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