Naruto 2 (New) from Tomy on Game Cube

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Outstanding graphical talent must make opponents of the Naruto series despair, such is the flair which the fox spirited ninja and accomplices are realised. And the graphical flavour really excels in four player mode - if only there was more time to appreciate it. The multiplayer grapples work well with the addition of auto targeting missing from Guilty Gear and ilk that really makes it workable. The game engine has been under scrutiny too with combos more rounded and the additional ability to keep an adversary in the air with a few additional well-timed strikes. The counter moves to diffuse an opposing technique also add to the tactical nous required to flourish in this ninja world. But the super specials remain in there with devastating effect.

Publisher: Tomy
Game Type: One on One Beat Em Up
Console: Game Cube

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Brand new.