Mystic Quest from Squaresoft on Super Famicom

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Designed with non-RPG gamers in mind making Mystic Quest an easy entry expedition as the young lad to tries to restore parity to earth by reuniting the four crystals. Ogres can be clearly seen removing the bug-bear of random battles that is prevalent in most RPG's. And the combat is enjoyable with the battle scenes executed with panache as you may expect from a triple-A developer. Terrains to are skilfully sculptured with ice and volcanic levels looking breath taking. And the characters designs and emotive soundtrack bear all the hallmarks of a class act. Full title Final Fantasy USA Mystic Quest.

Publisher: Squaresoft
Game Type: RPG
Console: Super Famicom

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Further information regarding Mystic Quest is as follows:-

Second hand. Slight discolouration to the manual reverse with light impressions and a slight scuff to the front. Light sun tan to reverse of cart. Slight box imperfections in the original price stickers, slight scuffing and creasing plus slightly concave.

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