Arcade Card Duo (New)

Back Of Case
Released to boost the Engine's prowess in the face of growing hardware competiton, the Arcade Card had several dedicated releases and several whose processing powers were boosted by the card. Unfortunately a high retail price meant it didn't really meet its potential, but it makes the Engine do a mighty fine Neo Geo impression. Dedicated releases include Fatal Fury, Mad Stalker, Art of Fighting and of course Sapphire. Games merely enhanced in tandem with the card include Flash Hiders, Princess Maker 2 and Popful mail. This version boosts the memory by 16 meg and slips into the HU Card slot.
Publisher: NEC
Game Type: Accessory
Console: PC Engine Hardware
Information: Brand new. This card is for use in conjunction with any of the Super CD ROM systems: The Duo, Duo-R and of course the Super CD ROM.
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