Ultimate Ghouls and Ghosts Kai (Best) (New)

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Containing both the original PSP release and this updated version with rearranged stages, the ability to warp to previously cleared areas along with a few more precious credits. All set to the same spine tingling orchestral score that demands the volume up. Well worthy of being immortalised on the PSP with gameplay that has matured like a fine claret. Unfortunately most modern gamers will find its their own claret being spilt most the time as Ghosts and Goblins is famed for its hardcore play mechanics. Capcom, in their eternal wisdom, have realised 'they don't make gamers like they used to' and created three modes: original, arcade and a beginner's mode to ease in the uninitiated. Besides the different skill level options, not too much else has been tweaked gameplay wise apart from the multiple routes through the impressive levels. Weapons and armoury have been smartened up yet a word of caution for the uninitiated: the 'multiple' endings remain intact. Graphically it looks bedazzling on the PSP's crisp screen with every pixels oozing out the class the Capcom label was famed for. And veterans of previous conflicts against the evils lurking in the woods will find the soundtrack stirs deep-seated nostalgia. Also goes by its Japanese title of Goku Makaimura Kai.
Publisher: Capcom
Game Type: Platform
Console: PSP
Information: Brand new. Please note this is the Best version.
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