Gourmet Sentai Bara Yarou (Reprint) (New)

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Choaniki meets Final Fight and the results are very visual. Three selectable characters with a muscleman seemingly straight from the Choaniki series, a buxom Mademoiselle and a bishonen blonde each with their own taunt. The gourmet element comes into the gameplay in that a chef will whisk up a culinary storm at the end of the level using two of the ingredients picked up during the stage. The resulting dish will have a positive power meter effect in relation to how well the ingredients were selected. Incredible array of enemies never lacking in imagination including PlayBoy Bunny Girls and a giant robot tanuki.
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Publisher: Columbus Circle
Game Type: Side Scrolling Beat Em Up
Console: Super Famicom
Information: Brand new. Please note: this a reprint of the original release, not the Virgin Interactive release.
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