Kira Kira Star Night DX (New)

Back Of Case
Great to see a new retro game be released, if it is possible to have a new retro game. The heroine of this one looks like a cross between Hatsune Miku and Super Sonico and whizzes through the glorious looking levels collecting the twinkling stars of the title. The results look very impressive and the chip tunes sound a treat with some real retro love and attention having gone into achieving great results, yet in tune with the era. Feel the love all round in this nostalgic retro rampage.
Publisher: Columbus Circle
Game Type: Platform
Console: Famicom
Information: Brand new. Please note this is not an officially licensed title. It is not confirmed as working properly on the Famicom, New Famicom or Twin Famicom. However it is fully compatible with the FC Pocket (sold on site), FC Compact (sold on site), FC Combo II and Retro 3. Also runs on the Retro Freak.
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