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Game Of The Week

PCEngineHuCard - £59.99

Control a green lizard who must eat insects and spit them out into plants in order to pro..

Recommended Games

XBox360 - £109.99

Sharp, sleek 3D take on the well known shooter but intriguingly gameplay pays homage more..

GameBoyAdvance - £21.99

Mega Man proves he can survive in modern 3D gaming world with some serious weaponry, slic..

GameBoyAdvance - £16.99

Absolutely beautiful sprite engine with pastel shaded world and cheery chip tunes making ..

GameBoyAdvance - £16.99

Delightful series and its success is cemented in this third release full of Super Famicom..

GameBoyAdvance - £14.99

A panda manga star for this side scrolling shooter perhaps aimed at the younger gamers in..

GameBoyAdvance - £41.99

In Genki's humble opinion the GBA architecture feels like a souped up version of the Supe..

MegaDrive - £54.99

Famed for its Famicom revival, Colombus Circle turns its fair hand to the 16Bit circuit w..

PS3 - £72.99

Conversion and handing over the torch from the Dreamcast to keep the world of shooters il..

Dreamcast - £39.99

Beautiful weather and water textures add to the natural healing that comes from cruising ..

PS4 - £54.99

The legend returns to the PS4 to bring joy to the many devotees who never lost hope of a ..

XBox360 - £27.99

Soups up the superb prequel with faster gameplay and plenty of bullet flowers that look l..

XBox360 - £47.99

The long awaited 360 debut may have taken a extra year or two to appear, but is well wort..

Xbox360 - £64.99

Conversion and handing over the torch from the Dreamcast to keep the world of shooters il..

XBox360 - £57.99

The 360s arm gets another hardcore tattoo to its bicep with this shoot em up coded by ex ..

NintendoDS - £15.99

Club Nintendo exclusive but the ghost memberships were well worth the effort when playing..

Soundtracks - £29.99

Funky, fresh, fly-guy Hideki Naganuma shows off his talents in this cracking CD based on ..

PS2 - £74.99

At last the much vaunted sequel to the shooter held dearly to the pulsing fingers of many..

PS2 - £79.99

Gyrate to the beat with the sexy Space Channel reporter Ulala. Just don't ask about the s..

PlayStation - £12.99

Superlatives fail to touch on the sheer brilliance of this 2D fighting game. A worthy riv..

PSP - £26.99

Genki cut its teeth on the likes of Cybernator on the Super Famicom. Alas the teeth whils..

Hardware Of The Week

NintendoHardware - £369.99

A real cult classic unexpectedly of the Nintendo stable whose extensive marketing usually..

Recommended Hardware

MiscHardware - £74.99

A clever, value hybrid console at a great entry price for starting an import collection. ..

MiscHardware - £139.99

Bandai went it alone to release its own baby rather than make third party releases for ot..

NintendoHardware - £109.99

Nintendo re-releases its Super Famicom in mini format with twenty one built in games incl..

SegaHardware - £99.99

Forty two 16 Bit games on one miniature console. This could have been traded for anything..

NintendoHardware - £199.99

The original version of the disk system as crafted by Nintendo and its early design flair..

Merchandise - £17.99

A series tattooed on the hearts of many a shooter veteran and deserving of its accolades ..

Merchandise - £64.99

Hard to resist this two way bag that can be used as a shoulder bag or rucksack. Ideal for..