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Atmospheric, isometric RPG from cult developer Treasure ensures this Japanese version never goes too cheaply. Gameplay involves solving puzzles from time to time but the balance is more on action and with that orc decapitation. Graphically a real achievement coming on the crest of the last wave of Genesis releases and reliving some fine memories of Head Over Heels. And overall it weighs in as a very admirable attempt from an action based developer to capture the atmosphere of epic quests and heady adventure. Treasure programmed and boy does it show with some fabulous bosses. Mind you Genki was describing them in other words when having to face them. The levels are set on the isometric axis and look very fine. Players bound around between the platforms and use their sword to keep the status quo balancing more in favour of the good guys. Nice balance of action, and puzzles with pubs and fields of cows to distract from the dank dungeons. RPGing without the grind.

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Publisher: Treasure
Game Type: Action RPG
Console: Mega Drive

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