Ketsui Extra from Cave on Xbox 360

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The long awaited 360 debut may have taken a extra year or two to appear, but is wel worth the wait building on the boss rush DS version. Gamers of a certain vintage will appreciate the nod to Capcoms 194X series with realistic military targets, beautifully represented in isometric fashion, mixed in with the dreamt up war machines from Hades. But such seasoned gamers may well miss the days of no more than ten bullets whistling past at a time as swarms of multi coloured projectiles once again sting the tear ducts into action. Still the adrenalin must be produced somehow! Happy days are here again for shooter fans with a twitchy finger or two.

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Publisher: Cave
Game Type: Shoot Em Up
Console: Xbox 360

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Second hand. Cero A: suitable for all.

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