Red Alarm from T&E Soft on Virtual Boy

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Plays like Star Fox done in vector graphics - all the levels and enemy ships to shoot at are made up of red lines, but it works well to give a fast flowing, fully 3D environment with the developers showing a fine eye for attention to detail. Various camera angles have been implemented to find the best one for enjoying the challenging levels and boss fights. Plenty of work has been put in on the controls too making them inherently intuitive with evasive rolls and tight turns. The player's ship not only takes damage to the shields, but also runs low on fuel requiring pilots to posses a ruthless hit and fly streak to flourish. Mention must go to the atmospheric intro too.

Publisher: T&E Soft
Game Type: Shooter
Console: Virtual Boy

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Further information regarding Red Alarm is as follows:-

Second hand. Inside box is new. Outside has scuffing on the edges and discolouration with a concave feel to the box reverse and a bulge on the side flap.

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