Combatribes (New) from Technos on Super Famicom

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There's something special about a side-scrolling fighter that makes them often add up to greater than the some of the parts. Perhaps it's the distinct look to them that holds the appeal? Wild ladies of the night, discos, seedy side streets all make guest appearances here. Combat Tribes is indeed another fine example of the genre programmed with real aplomb by Technos. Picking up a weapon brings much satisfaction as revenge is taken. And it looks and sounds top notch for a 16Bit title.

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Publisher: Technos
Game Type: Side Scrolling Beat Em Up
Console: Super Famicom

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Further information regarding Combatribes (New) is as follows:-

Brand new. Three small price stickers: one on the base flap, two on the front. For more on this glam scrapper...

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