Animal Leader from Nintendo on Game Cube

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Something rather special from the Big N: an evolutionary title leading the way as ever. The goal is to become the animal leader by evolving into a beast with the ability to take on and defeat the current leader. To do this you have to attack other animals of the right sort required - a successful assault will allow you to evolve up the evolutionary scale. Yet progress comes at the price of being a bigger fish, so to speak, and catching the eye of the other predators out there. Appropriate music and even purple blood add to the emotional involvement of protecting your animal. Beautifully designed gaming world made entirely of cubes adding to the surreal feel of this off beat Nintendo cracker.

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Publisher: Nintendo
Game Type: A Bit Special
Console: Game Cube

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Further information regarding Animal Leader is as follows:-

Second hand. Slight cracks to the game case tabs so it won't click shut. Light manual cover impressions. Card cover scuffing.