Hajime No Ippo from Treasure on Gameboy Advance

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Japanese gaming and animation have cross pollinated for decades, but as hardware has caught up many games play like an anime episode with speed lines and super human powers done justice on both the big and small scenes through cut scenes. Treasure tread the tightrope between the two media with all the panache you'd expect keeping the balance firmly on action and giving players the power in their fingertips to be the champ. The gym in which to train is the ring: always challenging as its always fair - knock downs are always because you just didn't keep your guard up well enough. Action is viewed by two boxing gloves giving an unrestricted view of your hard knock opponent. Deserving of a wider Western audience with such glorious gameplay. Wonderful interpretation of the boxing world which holds your gloved hand to get you trained up ready for the big bruisers. Treasure: we wear your badge with pride.

Publisher: Treasure
Game Type: Sports
Console: Gameboy Advance

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Further information regarding Hajime No Ippo is as follows:-

Second hand. Edge 121, 8/10. Light box crease on corner and a slight dent on reverse edge plus some very light scuffing on one flap.

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