Death Smiles (Platinum) from Cave on Xbox 360

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Feels like there is a Treasure influence at times with vehicles nipping along just as you thought there couldn't possibly be any more onscreen action. Highly imaginative too with spooky old tree bosses yet a comforting feel of the assuringly familiar zipping over the ruins of what looks like Altered Beasts levels: the mark of the developers Hardcore credentials. Really establishes a fine pacing perhaps a little too fast when being chased by a Bull or two, but we wont ruin it any more. A definite thumbs up.

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Publisher: Cave
Game Type: Shoot Em Up
Console: Xbox 360

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Further information regarding Death Smiles (Platinum) is as follows:-

Second hand. Cero B: 12 and upwards. Please note this is the Platinum Collection version. Couple of slight disk scratches and light manual cover impressions on the reverse.

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