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Recent preorders to catch the eye include:

Capcom Belt Collection (Switch)
Onimusha (Switch/PS4)
Biohazard RE: 2 Collector's Edition (D/Z) (PS4)
Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Collection International (Switch)
Blade Strangers (PS4/Switch)
SNK Heroines Tag Team Frenzy (PS4/Switch)
Psyvariar Delta (PS4/Switch)
Taiko no Tatsujin (also Controller) (Switch)
Puyo Puyo Chronicle Special Price (3DS)
Sonic Mania Plus (Switch/PS4)
Border Break (PS4)
Senran Kagura Peach Beach Splash Sunshine Edition (PS4)
New Gundam Breaker (PS4)

Do drop us a line if we can look into your desired request....

Game Of The Week

Shining Soul II (Value Selection) (New)

Absolutely beautiful sprite engine with pastel shaded world and cheery chip tunes making for a popular version. Plenty of help from Sega to guide players through the very pretty game world and the combat is spritely. ... Click for more info

Recommended Game

Radirgy Generic (New)

Milestone covert the Dreamcast blast to the GC with special modes for the format in the Arcade, Scora Attack and Manpuku Modes with seemingly more bullets, less continues and a different way to rack up the multiplier for a top ranking score. Cel shaded sprites are not too everyone's tastes, but giv... Click for more info

Recommended Game

Robocop (New)

A gritty urban setting as Robocop storms into what seems more like gang warfare than lifting the odd perp. Being robotic, its possible to go into detection mode and find those bending the rules a bit too much. The first person view also loses its clarity from time to time in a nod to the role gamers... Click for more info

Recommended Game

Under Defeat HD (Limited Edition) (New)

Conversion and handing over the torch from the Dreamcast to keep the world of shooters illuminated. Jaw dropping, smoothly animated visuals and attention to detail in smoke plumages and tumbling shrapnel, not forgetting the immense explosions. Arming your copter with a second weapon option as well a... Click for more info

Recommended Game

Mamoru Kun Limited Edition (New)

The 360s arm gets another hardcore tattoo to its bicep with this shoot em up coded by ex Raiden developers and with character design by the Senko no Rondo gent. The format sees our Mamoru kun wander Kikikaikai style into the screen with just as many crazed cultural references all lit up by the beaut... Click for more info

Recommended Game

Zekkyo Senshi Sakebrain (New)

Club Nintendo exclusive but the ghost memberships were well worth the effort when playing this wee belter. Strangely expansive for a give away title (well for those with the required points) with atmospheric rain lashing down on the Goemon style towns through which our samurai be suited players stro... Click for more info

Recommended Game

Jet Set Radio Future Soundtrack (New)

Funky, fresh, fly-guy Hideki Naganuma shows off his talents in this cracking CD based on the X-Box incarnation. Perfectly suited to the gameplay, but equally stands alone as a fine compilation of modern Tokyo tunes. ... Click for more info

Recommended Game

Wander and The Colossus (New)

With interesting side quests such as finding all the mushrooms, players get to gallop through the wide, expansive game area on steeds in a great feel of freedom like a nomad through Outer Mongolia with the wind effect adding to the feel. Strewn throughout the world are what looks like Roman ruins. P... Click for more info

Recommended Game

Gunhound EX (New)

Genki cut its teeth on the likes of Cybernator on the Super Famicom. Alas the teeth whilst longer, remain little blunt when it comes to lightening reflexes. Still the similarities are stark between the two titles and such news is cause for celebration for fans of old school 2D shooters harking for t... Click for more info

Hardware Of The Week

Playdia Console (New)

Bandai went it alone to release its own baby rather than make third party releases for other manufacturers. This console is quite a curio rather than a gamers machine and vies for space on the Genki coffee table with a Casio Loopy to entertain visitors. Though the console has a sleek design with the... Click for more info

Recommended Hardware

Mega Drive Perfect Catalogue (New)

A real labour of love with over one thousand games catalogued (Japanese and Western releases) plus features on the hardware such as the Mega Karaoke, Tera Drive, Wonder Mega and Laser Active. Very interesting.... Click for more info

Recommended Hardware

Famicom Super Famicom Mega Drive Twin (New)

A clever, value hybrid console at a great entry price for starting an import collection. Utilises USB ports for the controller with an AV output, the console has three different cartridge slots for Famicom, Super Famicom and Mega Drive modes. Think of it as neutral Switzerland during the 16Bit conso... Click for more info

Recommended Hardware

Nintendo Classic Mini Family Computer (New)

Nintendo gets all nostalgic with the release of the ever young Famicom. Built into the palm sized hardware are Donkey Kong, Mario Bros, Super Mario Bros, Super Mario Bros 3, Super Mario USA, Pacman, Excitebike, Balloon Fight, Ice Climber, Galaga, Yie Ar Kung Fu, Zelda, Gradius, Atalantis, Ghouls and... Click for more info

Recommended Hardware

Nintendo Classic Mini Super Famicom (New)

Nintendo re-releases its Super Famicom in mini format with twenty one built in games including (and its hard to trim this list down!): Super Mario World, F-Zero, Mystical Ninja, Ghouls and Ghosts, Zelda, Super Contra, Super Mario Kart, Rockman X, Super Metroid, Super Street Fighter II, Yoshi's Islan... Click for more info

Recommended Hardware

Dragon Quest TV Sword Game (New)

From the massive Square Enix Dragon Quest Series comes this excellent, highly desirable sword controller game in which you take on various minions of the Dragon Quest world. Plays like Namco's slash 'em up 'Mazen', but without the public humiliation. Operates entirely independently of any system. ... Click for more info

Recommended Hardware

Family Computer Disk System (New)

The original version of the disk system as crafted by Nintendo and its early design flair is in more than evident. The system offered so much potential with terminals to download software found in many stores, yet Nintendo feared for its iron grip on distribution and the system was scaled back. Stil... Click for more info

Recommended Hardware

Mega Drive Arcade Power Stick 3B (New)

Original model of the popular and very sturdy stick with three button and an autofire feature for the shooters with adjustable speed showing Segaís attention to its customers needs. Reduces finger cramp from big gaming sessions. Smart, classic Sega box styling.... Click for more info

Recommended Hardware

Sega Saturn Bag (New)

Hard to resist this two way bag that can be used as a shoulder bag or rucksack. Ideal for stashing goodies on a trip to a game show or perhaps to work as a prime piece of a Sega tribute in cos-play? At least, it will brighten up the commute with a few knowing nods from sagely gaming veterans... ... Click for more info

Recommended Hardware

Space Invaders Anniversary Set (New)

Release to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the Space Invader legend. Includes plenty of versions including a 3D remake along with a table top style arcade controller which you place the Dualshock inside. Other versions include a two player competitive version where you shoot at each other through ... Click for more info