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Recent preorders to catch the eye include:

Biohazard RE: 2 Collector's Edition (D/Z) (PS4)
Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Collection International (Switch)
Blade Strangers (PS4/Switch)
SNK Heroines Tag Team Frenzy (PS4/Switch)
Psyvariar Delta (PS4/Switch)
Taiko no Tatsujin (also Controller) (Switch)
Puyo Puyo Chronicle Special Price (3DS)
Sonic Mania Plus (Switch/PS4)
Border Break (PS4)
Senran Kagura Peach Beach Splash Sunshine Edition (PS4)
New Gundam Breaker (PS4)

Do drop us a line if we can look into your desired request....

Game Of The Week

Majyuuou King of Demons (Reprint) (New)

A rare SFC title in the mould of such sublime titles as Demons Crest and Nosferatu with a twist of the graphical skills of the Actraiser teams. Some of the in-game assailants and bosses are more than a bit twisted looking like they just broke out of the Splatter House. The main hero can thankfully u... Click for more info

Recommended Game

Game Paradise Cruisin Mix (Limited Edition) (New)

Few would begrudge the sublime Saturn shooter Game Tengoku getting a PS4 upgrade. A real reason to rejoice with the news of its release coming like a bolt from the blue of one of its off-kilter, colourful, anime bosses. Snappy visuals true to the original, but with use of the extra hardware power. E... Click for more info

Recommended Game

Metroid Samus Returns (New)

Stunning foray for Samus with Nintendo utilising all its nous to gain every iota of performance out of the 3DS. A real return to glory for the Metroid series worthy of far greater attention than the series gets.... Click for more info

Recommended Game

Gotcha Force (New)

A highly collectable GameCube title that combines Virtua On with the action of Power Stone and throws in a spot of Danball Senki. Players have their own robot persona and the colour and speed of gameplay, blending the boundaries of anime and gaming, make it easy to see why it has such a popular stat... Click for more info

Recommended Game

Radirgy Generic (New)

Milestone covert the Dreamcast blast to the GC with special modes for the format in the Arcade, Scora Attack and Manpuku Modes with seemingly more bullets, less continues and a different way to rack up the multiplier for a top ranking score. Cel shaded sprites are not too everyone's tastes, but giv... Click for more info

Recommended Game

Sengoku Musou Treasure Box (New)

Set in the warring period in Japan's history, this title involves plenty of action in the battlefield with a bit of tactical nous needed every now and then to help your quest. Take on rival clans in fully pitched battles to become the ultimate Daimyo, but be warned desire can never be quenched; so c... Click for more info

Recommended Game

Contra Dual Spirits (New)

Hardcore gaming from the Hall of Fame as our Rambo style heroes storm enemy ramparts and let rip on both top and bottom screens. Traditional boss battles in this real pearl in the crown of a the DS with some lovely 2D effects. ... Click for more info

Recommended Game

Jet Set Radio Future Soundtrack (New)

Funky, fresh, fly-guy Hideki Naganuma shows off his talents in this cracking CD based on the X-Box incarnation. Perfectly suited to the gameplay, but equally stands alone as a fine compilation of modern Tokyo tunes. ... Click for more info

Recommended Game

Final Fantasy Collection Anniversary Package (New)

Not only does this sublime limited edition come with a collectable clock, but it also includes Final Fantasy Collection: Super Famicom versions of FFIV, FFV and FFVI spruced up for the Playstation. Preserving amazing gameplay for future generations. ... Click for more info

Hardware Of The Week

Sega Saturn Bag (New)

Hard to resist this two way bag that can be used as a shoulder bag or rucksack. Ideal for stashing goodies on a trip to a game show or perhaps to work as a prime piece of a Sega tribute in cos-play? At least, it will brighten up the commute with a few knowing nods from sagely gaming veterans... ... Click for more info

Recommended Hardware

Famicom Super Famicom Mega Drive Twin (New)

A clever, value hybrid console at a great entry price for starting an import collection. Utilises USB ports for the controller with an AV output, the console has three different cartridge slots for Famicom, Super Famicom and Mega Drive modes. Think of it as neutral Switzerland during the 16Bit conso... Click for more info

Recommended Hardware

Nintendo Classic Mini Family Computer (New)

Nintendo gets all nostalgic with the release of the ever young Famicom. Built into the palm sized hardware are Donkey Kong, Mario Bros, Super Mario Bros, Super Mario Bros 3, Super Mario USA, Pacman, Excitebike, Balloon Fight, Ice Climber, Galaga, Yie Ar Kung Fu, Zelda, Gradius, Atalantis, Ghouls and... Click for more info

Recommended Hardware

Nintendo Classic Mini Super Famicom (New)

Nintendo re-releases its Super Famicom in mini format with twenty one built in games including (and its hard to trim this list down!): Super Mario World, F-Zero, Mystical Ninja, Ghouls and Ghosts, Zelda, Super Contra, Super Mario Kart, Rockman X, Super Metroid, Super Street Fighter II, Yoshi's Islan... Click for more info

Recommended Hardware

Family Computer Disk System (New)

The original version of the disk system as crafted by Nintendo and its early design flair is in more than evident. The system offered so much potential with terminals to download software found in many stores, yet Nintendo feared for its iron grip on distribution and the system was scaled back. Stil... Click for more info

Recommended Hardware

PC FX Pad (New)

The FX pad shows the effort that NEC put into its hardware development. Unfortunately the heavy streaming on most FX anime titles maginalised the machine, but there remain a handful of titles that make for replacement pads essential.... Click for more info