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Japanese NTSC Wii console which allows adventurous gamers to open up the non - Western released world of Wii. Regional protection means owning the Japanese version is the only way to be able to savour the full release schedule. Nintendo's new dawn appears very bright at present thanks to the innovative control method feeling like a spring breeze to jaded gamers after a bleak winter of too many derivitive releases. By taking a chance the usually conservative Kyoto company may prove the saviour of video gaming. Wii shall see...

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Publisher: Nintendo
Game Type: Console
Console: Nintendo Hardware

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Further information regarding Japanese Wii Console (White) is as follows:-

Second hand, but only briefly used as a test machine by Genki and in great shape with everything it came with, only a couple of minor box creases and spots of discolouration to report. Please note this Japanese Wii console will only play Japanese NTSC games. This console comes with remote control (with sensor), nunchuka controller, AV (red, white and yellow) cable, various stands, a wrist strap, batteries and a Japanese power supply. Includes instruction manual and other pamphlets. May require a step down transformer (sold separately) depending on country of use. Compatible with NTSC capable televisions only.

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