Groove Jigoku V (Sale) from Sony on Playstation

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Denki Groove is a funky techno chap lending his tunes to this deviously devilish mini game compilation. Players must complete tasks in the game which is like the more familiar Made in Wario and its ilk mini game series. However the games have a darker edge more in line with cult cracker Baito Hell on the PSP. A young lad must chop wood by a simple button press, but the old man helper will sneak on a pink bunny rabbit from time to time. Players must hurtle off in a race of chicken: the winner being the one who can stop closest to the cliff edge without flying off it. A Wolfenstein style avatar has plenty of sneaky glances left to right as he counts the folk strolling along the street. A real underground favourite in Japan and after a few minutes its easy to see why.

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Publisher: Sony
Game Type: A Bit Special
Console: Playstation

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Further information regarding Groove Jigoku V (Sale) is as follows:-

Second hand. Comes with sticker sheet and spine card.

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