Goemon (Best) from Konami on PS2

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The Mystical Ninja's first appearance on the PS2 sees him get a 3D make over in a controversial shift in style to rival that of Link's cel shaded escapades on the GameCube. The gameplay balance has been shifted more towards the Final Fantasy fan with more RPG orientated gameplay. Thankfully all the great characters remain in tact, although only Goemon is playable. Absolutely wonderful anime intro, though admittedly in a new world style. Subtitled Bouken Jidai Katsugeki.

More information on the grand series can be found here...

Publisher: Konami
Game Type: RPG
Console: PS2

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Further information regarding Goemon (Best) is as follows:-

Second hand. Konami Selection version. Slight disk scratches. Manual cover creases.

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