Genji from Havok on PS3

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Based in in ancient Japan, Genji really brings the Heian period to life with graphical splendor in the rich, colourful kimonos where you can make out every thread. The cut scenes are of sublime quality as the scene is set: Genji clan must once again defeat the rival Heishi clan with a seeming supernatural influence. As you'd expect from a game of rich samurai heritage the action is hack and slash, or dice and slice more appropriately with the sharp sword used and the combos soon roll off the joypad. With progress comes the opportunity to play as new characters: the slow, but powerful Benkei, the spear armed Lord, but its the nimble priestess Shizuka with her nifty grapple hook that looks most stunning. All group members must be equally protected if you don't want the credits to roll early - one death of any member means game over. The game also utilises the systems motion sensing controller.

Publisher: Havok
Game Type: Action
Console: PS3

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Further information regarding Genji is as follows:-

Second hand. Cero C rating: 16 and upwards - warning of violent scenes and grotesque imagery.