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Sizzlingly hot and saucy shmup brought to the table by the talented Giga. A heady combination of steamy cut scenes and frantic shoot 'em up action is the sort of fan service you can expect in Japan. Thankfully the gameplay is more rewarding than Divine Sealing on the Mega Drive adopting an overhead perspective with shifts in style to keep things fresh. Thankfully the ship can take seven hits before biting the dust which is welcomed with the sheer volume of enemy fire as are the tight controls. A turbo boost can zip the ship through a tight squeeze to the pulsating beats to the soundtrack with a tap on the pad leaving a feeling of great satisfaction to have left behind the enemy hordes. The cut scenes come after defeating an end of level boss which are interesting characters to say the least.

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Publisher: TGL
Game Type: Shoot Em Up
Console: PC Engine Super CD ROM

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Second hand. Over 18's only please. Edge PC Engine Collector's Guide Featured Title. Comes with spine card. Couple of tiny manual impressions on reverse. For a slightly steamy look at this shooter, please click here...

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