ESPGaluda from Arika on PS2

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Arika deliver a vertical shooter conversion worthy of the wildest otaku's expectations in this sassy Cave shmup with human ships that have sprouted wings. The scoring system works by awarding extra points for the number of bullets an enemy had on screen when defeated. Gems can be cashed in to slow down the progress of the swarm of on screen projectiles - yet when the meter runs out its back to the retina ruining, reflex wrecking souped-up speed. Adding the Arrange mode with three times the projectiles - like there wasn't enough to start with: a Replay mode to savour just how close those bullets were skimming and a DVD demonstrating how to clear the arcade perfectly (and no doubt ruin your eyesight - not that we're jealous or anything...) And there are various screen display options too.

Publisher: Arika
Game Type: Shoot Em Up
Console: PS2

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Further information regarding ESPGaluda is as follows:-

Second hand. Comes with Special DVD (Region 2.) Cero 12. Complete with registration card. Very slight impressions in reverse of manual.

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