Puzzle on the Nintendo DS

Mr Driller Drill Spirits

Mr Driller Drill Spirits

Nintendo DS

Puzzle - £17.99

Don't let the saccharine sweet, pastal graphics deceive you - this is one mean Mr Driller. Drill deep down before your oxygen runs out. Easy to pick up, but...

Otogi Jyuushi Akazukin

Otogi Jyuushi Akazukin

Nintendo DS

Puzzle - £12.99

Also known as Fairy Musketeers, players get to tackle the puzzles with a definite slant on action rather than anything heavier. The frillier side of the gam...

Pororon Docomodake DS (New)

Pororon Docomodake DS (New)

Nintendo DS

Puzzle - £14.99

Players use the stylus to manoeuvre mini mushrooms out of the large fungus star who is mobile phone firm DoCoMo's mascot in Japan. The mini 'shrooms can the...

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