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F1 Boy

F1 Boy


Sports - £8.99

Early overhead racer with some nice animation from an innocent era of gaming. Enough reaction time is given for players to judge the corners. Not so sure on...

Out Of Stock

Monster Pro Wrestle

Monster Pro Wrestle

PC Engine Hu Card

Sports - £9.99

Playing like a first person perspective King of the Monsters and drawing on some fabulous sprite based characters appearing like reject from a Toho studio. ...

Out Of Stock

Slap Happy Rhythm Busters

Slap Happy Rhythm Busters


One on One Beat Em Up - £16.99

A cel shaded scrapper with hip hop tunes and dripping with Tokyo street chic. Plays well and the Rhythm of the title refers the ability to unleash specials ...

Out Of Stock

Voice Fantasia

Voice Fantasia

Sega Saturn

RPG - £9.99

RPG over flowing with a plethora of famous Japanese anime voice actors. As a result relies more on spoken words as opposed to written kanji, recommending it...

Out Of Stock

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