Dancing Sword from MTO on Gameboy Advance

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Little known import sizzler that soon started commanding hefty fees on the transfer market, especially for a GameBoy Advance title. Thankfully this is due to the dream gameplay which takes on side scrolling fantasy fighting genre with lashings of relish and plenty of pizzazz. The soundtrack delivers a sense of foreboding which is hard to shake and the graphical prowess of the programmers never ceases to amaze with multi parallax scrolling, fogging effects and imaginative tributes to Japans ancient warring period mixed with Buddhist mythology. The Dancing of the title is the cunning bit with combos dependant on the timing of the button presses like a rhythm action beat em up gone awry.

Publisher: MTO
Game Type: Side Scrolling Beat Em Up
Console: Gameboy Advance

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Further information regarding Dancing Sword is as follows:-

Second hand. Slight fingernail impressions on manual reverse. A slight crease and light scuff on box reverse.

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